ALBI IS A JOVIAL SNOWMAN, who lives in the land of eternal snow, together with a little birdie and a worm. These two have made a nest into the empty can of tomato soup, which Albi wears as a hat. To Albi, home is where the snow is, but the lack of furniture gives the place a not-so-homely feel. Albi has a stroke of genius, and he starts to build an armchair out of snow. The idea flourishes and soon he has a cozy home.

Children’s animation - Albi the Snowman has been sold to over 30 countries (TV,VOD)!

Episodes 1-52 are available now. Episodes 53-78 will be available in the end of year 2021.
Created by Mikko Kunnas, Markus Majaluoma
Production Hima Light Ltd. with co-operation YLE, SVT, NRK, DR
Albi in Nordvision Annual Report 2014-2015
Duration 5 min
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Non-verbal, HD
Available: Worldwide TV, VOD